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Slitherio Zoom Mod

Slither io is the latest addictive game of skill that is causing a sensation on the Internet for some time. The game combines elements of the hit with the Nokia cult game of the 90’s "Snake". In this guide, we show you how to install the mod for zoom and more.
Install Mod for zoom and other features:
The mod called and is an extension for the Chrome browser: you can use this tool only if you play on Chrome browser.
- Visit the Chrome Web Store.
- Select the, and then click Add.
- In a dialog box, you will now be informed about the data that the extension can access.
Click again to add to allow extension to access the browser and install the extension.
Tipp: On the Internet you will find many sites that offer you a so-called hack or cheat. These downloads don’t work in many cases and also conceal the dangers of viruses and other malware. With the Mod you can do without these hacks.
Have you installed the, then you will be able to enjoy additional features such as:
- Different backgrounds (your own, self-created custom background)
- Off the grid (grid) in the background
- Random teleports
- Zoom
- Direct connection with other Slither-io servers
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Play game
Play - The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest snake of all time!
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